Survey Scales

This is a list of survey scales.

Please, cite the original sources but if you want you can put me in your acknowledgements. Feel free to share your final work with me. I always enjoy seeing how I helped people. If you woud like me to add a peer-reviewed, published scale please send it to me.

Adult Attachment: Attachment Anxiety & Attachment Avoidance
Anticipated Conflicting Responses
Attachment Demographic Controls
Attitudinal Loyalty – Bank
Attitude Toward Blogger Post
Behavioral Loyalty – Service
Believability of Scenario
Betrayal – Perceived Betrayal
Blogger Familiarity Control
Blogger Trust

Brand Affect
Brand Associations
Brand Attitude – Global Evaluation
Brand Attitude – General
Brand Emotional Strength
Brand Equity
Brand Familiarity Control
Brand Image – Functional, Affective & Reputation
Brand Image – General
Brand Knowledge
Brand Loyalty
Brand – Product Involvement
Brand Self-Connection Prominence
Brand Separation Distress
Brand Trust

Brand Trustworthiness 
Choice Likelihood
Consumer-Brand Identification
Consumer Innate Innovativeness
Contingencies of self-worth scale
Customer Commitment
Customer Company Identification – Travel Agency
Customer Loyalty – Travel Industry
Desire for Avoidance
Desire for Revenge
Dirty Dozen
Emotional Attachment
Failure Severity
Fairness – Distributive Fairness
Fairness – Interactional Fairness
Fear of Intimacy Scale
Financial Switching Costs – cell phone
Information Valence Manipulation Check
Involvement Check
Loyalty – Restaurant
Materialistic value orientation Scale
Motive perceptions of blogger
Negative Word of Mouth
Online Public Complaining for Help Seeking
Parent Brand-Extension Similarity
Patronage Reduction
Perceived Quality
Percieved value of the incumbent brand and the (competing brand)
Possession-Self Link Scale
Procedural Switching Costs – cell phone
Product Brand Image
Product Extension Category Similarity
Propensity to Trust
Purchase Intention
Purchase Intention 2
Purchase frequency, Usage frequency, continue to use
Rate the Reviewer Trust Cue
Reassurance seeking
Relationship Quality
Repatronage Intentions – Service Sector
Repeat Patronage Intentions (Behavioral Loyalty) – Banking Sector
Repurchase intentions toward the core service
Satisfaction with the Current Cellular Phone Service Provider
Self-Brand Connection
Self-concept – ideal & actual
Self-Extension Tendency Scale
Self-Monitoring Scale: Ability to Modify Self-Presentation
Sponsorship Type & Disclosure Check
Switching Cost Scale
Switching Costs – Antecedents
Switching Costs – Conséquences
Trust of Salesperson
Trustworthiness/Competence of Salesperson
Trustworthiness of product Description
Vindictive Complaining to the Firm
Word of Mouth
Intention to Spread Positive Brand Word of Mouth
Word of Mouth Behavior
Brand-Physical Promotion
Brand – Social Promotion
Word-of-Mouth Communication – Service