Brand Image – Functional, Affective & Reputation


FUNCTIONAL IMAGE (FUIM) (initial/final)
* FUIM1i/FUIM1f: The products have a high quality Aaker (1996)
* FUIM2i/FUIM2f: The products have better characteristics than competitors’ Martin and Brown (1990)
* FUIM3i/FUIM3f: The products of the competitors are usually cheaper. Weiss et al. (1999)

AFFECTIVE IMAGE (AFIM) (initial/final)
* AFIM1i/AFIM1f: The brand is nice
* AFIM2i/AFIM2f: The brand has a personality that distinguish itself from competitor s’ brands
* AFIM3i/AFIM3f: It’s a brand that doesn’t disappoint its customers

REPUTATION (REIM) (initial/final)
* REIM1i/REIM1f: It’s one of the best brands in the sector
* REIM2i/REIM2f: The brand is very consolidated in the market

Source: Brand extension feedback:The role of advertising. Eva Martínez, Teresa Montaner, José M. Pina. Journal of Business Research, 2009, (62)