Consumer-Brand Identification

Consumer-Brand Identification

We sometimes identify with a brand. This occurs when we perceive a great amount of overlap between our ideas about who we are as a person and what we stand for (i.e., our self identity) and of whom this brand is and what it stands for (i.e., the brand’s identity). Imagine that the circle at the left in each row represents your own personal identity and the other circle, at the right, represents your Focal Brand’s identity. Please indicate which case (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, or H) best describes the level of overlap between your identity and the Focal Brand’s identity. (Choose the Appropriate Letter).


[Cognitive_CBI_2.] To what extent does your own sense of who you are (i.e., your personal identity) overlap with your sense of what the Focal Brand represents (i.e., the Focal Brand’s identity)?

-4 = Completely different; 0 = Neither similar nor different; 4 = Completely similar.

Thinking of your Focal Brand, indicate to what extent do you agree/disagree with the following statements, using any number between 1 to 7.

1 indicates you strongly disagree with the statement; 4 indicates you neither agree or disagree; 7 indicates you strongly agree with the statement. You may use any number from 1 to 7.

When someone praises the brand, it feels like a personal compliment.
I would experience an emotional loss if I had to stop using the brand.
I believe others respect me for my association with the brand.
I consider myself a valuable partner with the brand.

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