Contingencies of self-worth scale

Contingencies of self-worth scale

Contingencies of self-worth scale (35 items)

Others’ Approval

SWS_OA1r. I don’t care what others think of me (r)

SWS_OA2r. What others think of me has no effect on what I think about myself (r)

SWS_OA3r. I don’t care if other people have a negative opinion about me (r)

SWS_OA4. My self-esteem depends on the opinions others hold of me

SWS_OA5. I can’t respect myself if others don’t respect me


SWS_AP1r. My self-esteem does not depend on whether or not I feel attractive (r)

SWS_AP2. My self-esteem is influenced by how attractive I think my face or facial features are

SWS_AP3. My sense of self-worth suffers whenever I think I don’t look good

SWS_AP4r. My self-esteem is unrelated to how I feel about the way my body looks (r)

SWS_AP5. When I think I look attractive, I feel good about myself


SWS_CO1. Doing better than others gives me a sense of self-respect

SWS_CO2. Knowing that I am better than others on a task raises my self-esteem

SWS_CO3. My self-wroth is affected by how well I do when I am competing with others

SWS_CO4. My self-worth is influenced by how well I do on competitive tasks

SWS_CO5. I feel worthwhile when I perform better than others on a task or skill

Academic Competence

SWS_AC1. My self-esteem is influenced by my academic performance

SWS_AC2. I feel better about myself when I know I’m doing well academically

SWS_AC3. Doing well in school gives me a sense of self-respect

SWS_AC4. I feel bad about myself whenever my academic performance is lacking

SWS_AC5r. My opinion about myself isn’t tied to how well I do in school (r)

Family Support

SWS_FS1. It is important to my self-respect that I have a family that cares about me

SWS_FS2. When my family members are proud of me, my send of self-wroth increases

SWS_FS3. When I don’t feel loved by my family, my self-esteem goes down.

SWS_FS4. Knowing that my family members love me makes me feel god about myself

SWS_FS5r. My self-worth is not influenced by the quality of my relationships with my family members (r)


SWS_VI1. My self-esteem depends on whether or not I follow my moral/ethical principles

SWS_VI2. My self-esteem would suffer if I did something unethical

SWS_VI3.I couldn’t respect myself if I didn’t live up to a moral code

SWS_VI4. Whenever I follow my moral principles, my sense of self-respect gets a boost

SWS_VI5. Doing something I know is wrong makes me lose my self-respect

God’s Love

SWS_GL1. My self-esteem goes up when I feel that God loves me

SWS_GL2. I feel worthwhile when I have God’s love

SWS_GL3. My self-esteem would suffer if I didn’t have God’s love

SWS_GL4. My self-worth is based on God’s love

SWS_GL5. When I think that I am disobeying God, I feel bad about myself

*7-pt Likert: 1=Strongly Disagree to 7=Strongly Agree

Source: Crocker, J., Luhtanen, R. K., Cooper, M. L., & Bouvrette, A. (2003). Contingencies of self-worth in college students: theory and measurement. Journal of personality and social psychology, 85