Fear of Intimacy Scale

Fear of Intimacy Scale

Instructions: Imagine you are in a close, dating relationship. Respond to the following statements as you would if you were in that close relationship. Rate how characteristic each statement is of your on a scale of 1 to 5 as described below.


Note: In each statement “0” refers to the person who would be in the close relationship with you.


FIS_1. I would feel uncomfortable telling 0 about things in the past that I have felt ashamed of

FIS_2. I would feel uneasy talking with 0 about something that has hurt me deeply

FIS_3r. I would feel comfortable expressing my true feelings to 0 (r)

FIS_4. If 0 were upset I would sometimes be afraid of showing that I care

FIS_5. I might be afraid to confide my innermost feelings to 0

FIS_6r. I would feel at ease telling 0 that I care about him/her (r)

FIS_7r. I would have a feeling of complete togetherness with 0 (r)

FIS_8. I would be comfortable discussing significant problems with 0

FIS_9. A part of me would be afraid to make a long-term commitment to 0

FIS_10r. I would feel comfortable telling my experiences, even sad ones, to 0 (r)

FIS_11. I would probably feel nervous showing 0 strong feelings of affection

FIS_12. I would find it difficult being open with 0 about my personal thoughts

FIS_13. I would feel uneasy with 0 depending on my for emotional support

FIS_14r. I would not be afraid to share with 0 what I dislike about myself (r)

FIS_15. I would be afraid to take the risk of being hurt in order to establish a closer relationship with 0

FIS_16. I would feel comfortable keeping very personal information to myself

FIS_17r. I would not be nervous about being spontaneous with 0 (r)

FIS_18r.I would feel comfortable telling 0 things I don’t not tell other people (r) (poor wording)

FIS_19r. I would feel comfortable trusting 0 with my deepest thoughts and feelings (r)

FIS_20. I would sometimes feel uneasy if 0 told me about very personal matters

FIS_21r. I would be comfortable revealing to 0 what I feel are my shortcomings and handicaps (r)

FIS_22r. I would be comfortable having a close emotional tie between us (r)

FIS_23. I would be afraid of sharing my private thoughts with 0

FIS_24. I would be afraid that I might not always feel close to 0

FIS_25r. I would be comfortable telling – what my needs are (r)

FIS_26. I would be afraid that 0 would be more invested in the relationship than I would be

FIS_27r. I would feel comfortable about having open and honest communication with 0 (r)

FIS_28. I would sometimes feel uncomfortable listening to 0’s personal problems

FIS_29r. I would feel at ease to completely by myself around 0 (r)

FIS_30r. I would feel relaxed being together and talking about our personal goals (r)


Part B Instructions: Respond to the following statements as they apply to your past relationships. Rate how characteristic each statement is of you on a scale of 1 to 5 as described in the instructions for Part A.


FISb_1. I have shied away from opportunities to be close to someone

FISb_2. I have held back my feelings in previous relationships

FISb_3. There are people who think that I am afraid to get close to them

FISb_4. There are people who think that I am not an easy person to get to know

FISb_5. I have done things in previous relationships to keep me from developing closeness

(r) = Reverse score

5pt-Liker: 1=Not at all characteristic of me; 2=Slightly characteristic of me; 3=Moderately characteristics of me; 4=Very characteristic of me; 5=Extremely characteristic of me

Source: DESCUTNER, C., & THELEN, M. (1991). Development and validation of a fear-of-intimacy scale. Psychological assessment, 3(2), 218-225.