general brand image

PBI = product brand image “refer to as “product brand image” (PBI), is linked to the attributes of the product being sold.” P.108

GBI = general brand image “works across different product categories, enabling the term “general brand image” (GBI), to cover different categories” p.108

This brand provides good value for money
There is a reason to buy the brand instead of others
The brand has personality
The brand is interesting
I have a clear impression of the type of people whol consume the brand
This brand is different from competing brands

Could you indicate your level of agreement with the following sentences about the brand X?
1 = totally disagree, 7 = totally agree

Source: Effect of brand extension strategies on brand image: A comparative study of the UK and Spanish markets, Eva Martinez and Yolanda Polo and Leslie de Chernatony, International Marketing Review (2008) 25,1. 107-137