Product Extension Category Similarity:

Product Extension Category Similarity:

  • “overall similarity measures (1=very dissimilar, 7 = very similar to Land Rover Products)” (Diamantopoulos et al. 2005, p. 136)

Source:  The impact of brand extensions on brand personality experimental evidence, Adamantios Diamantopoulos, Gareth Smith and Ian Grime, European Journal of Marketing, 2005, 39(1/2), p. 129-148

Product Extension Category Similarity:

Respondents then evaluated brand extension fit on a scale from 1 (“inconsistent with Kodak”) to 7 (“consistent with Kodak”),

Source: Cultural differences in brand extension evaluation: The influence of analytic versus holistic thinking, Monga & Roedder John (2007), Journal of Consumer Research vol 33, 529-536

Product Extension Category Similarity:

Overall how similar would you rate the product category of (EXTENSION) to the product categories that (parent brand) currently operate in? (REPEAT for EACH product Cat of parent brand)

            1 – Not at all similar   7 – Very similar

Source: The effect of brand portfolio characteristics on consumer evaluations of brand extensions, Dacin, Peter & Smith, Daniel, Journal of Marketing Research (1994) may 229-242