Relationship Quality

Relationship Quality

I felt that the firm was …
•“Very undependable” (1)–“very dependable” (7)
•“Very incompetent” (1)–“very competent” (7)
•“Of low integrity” (1)–“of high integrity” (7)
•“Very unresponsive to consumers” (1)–“very responsive consumers” (7)

•I was very committed to my relationship with the service firm.
•The relationship was something I intended to maintain for a long time.
•I put the efforts into maintaining this relationship.

Social Benefits
My relationship with the service firm was based on its ability to …
•Recognize who I am as a customer.
•Know my personal needs as a customer.
•Build a “one-on-one” connection.
•Make me feel important and appreciated.

7pt – Strongly (dis)agree

Source: When customer love turns into lasting hate: The effects of relationship strength and time on customer revenge and avoidance. Yany Grégoire, Thomas M. Tripp, Renaud Legoux. Journal of Marketing, Vol 73(November), 2009, 18-32