Switching Cost Scale

Switching Cost Scale

Economic Risk Costs
*I worry that the service offered by other service providers won’t work as well as expected
*If I try to switch service providers, I might end up with bad service for a while
*Switching to a new service provider will probably involve hidden costs/chargers
*Switching to a new service provider will probably result in some unexpected hassle
*I don’t know what I’ll end up having to deal with while switching to a new service provider

Evaluation Costs
*I cannot afford the time to get the information to fully evalute otehr service providers
*How much time/effort does it take to get the information you need to feel comfortable evaluting new service providers? (very little…a lot)
*Comparing the beenfits of my servicd provider toakes too much time/effort even when I have the information
*It is tough to compre the other service providers

Learning Costs
*Learning to use the features offered by a new service provider as well as I use my serivce would take time
*There is not much involved in understanding a new service provider (r)
*Even after switching, it would take effort to “get up to speed” with a new service provider
*Getting used to how antoher service provider works would be easy (r)

Set-up Costs
It takes time to go through the steps of switching to a new service provider
Switching service providrs involves an unpleasant sales process
*The process of starting up a with a new service is quick/easy (r)
*Tehre are a lto of formalities involved in switching to a new service provider

Benefit Lost Costs
*Switching to a new service provider would mean losing or replacing points, crédits, services, and so on that I have accumaoted with my service provider
*How much would you lose in credit, accumulated points, services you have already paid for, and so on if you switched to a new service provider? (lose nothing…lose a lot)
* I will lose benefits of being a long-term Customer if I leave my serivce provider

Monetary Loss Costs
*Switching to a new service provider would invovle some up front costs (set-up fees, membership fees, deposits, etc)
*How much money would it take to pay for all of the costs associated with switching service providers? (no money…a lot of money)

Personal Relationship Loss Costs
*I would miss working witih the people at my service provider if I switched providers
*I am more comfortable interacting with the peiople working for my service provider than I would be if I switched providers
*The people where I curenlty get my service matter to me
*I like talking to the people where I get my service

Brand Relationship Costs
*I like the public image my service provider has
*I support my service provider as a firm
I do not care about the brand/company name of the service provider I use (r)

5-point strongly (dis)agree scale, unless noted.

Source: Consumer Switching Costs : A typology, Antecedents, and Conséquences. Thomas A. Burnham, Judy K. Freis, Vijay Mahajan. Journal of Academy of Marketing Science. Spring (2003), 31(2), 109-126