Switching Costs – Antecedents

Switching Costs – Antecedents

*I would have to know a lot to take full advantage of the options/programs offered by service providers
*The offerings in this industry are difficult to understand
*A salesperson selling this kind of service needs to know a lot to do a good job.
*This service is complicated in nature

*The quality of services varies a lto between different service providers in this industry
*I could be using a cometing service provider and not notice much difference (r)
*Differnt service providers in this industry offer very differnt prgorams/features
*It really doesn’t matter what service provider I use-they are all pretty much the same (r)

Breadth of Service
*I take advantage of additional programs/services offered by my service provider
*I use the services offered by my service provider in many different ways
*I have used a variety of my service providers’ servcies
*I currently use__different featurestat are offered by my service provider

*My service is personalized in some way
*I “set up” my service to use it the way I want to
*I have put effort into adapting my service to meet my needs

Alternative Experience
*I have tried the services offered by other service providers
*I am familiar with the quality of service that otehr service providers offer
*My expériences with other service providers is limited (r)

Switching Experience
*I have switched between service providers a lot
*I occasionally try other service providers
*How many competing service providers have you tried in the last two years? (zero, one, two, three, four or more)

Source: Consumer Switching Costs : A typology, Antecedents, and Conséquences. Thomas A. Burnham, Judy K. Freis, Vijay Mahajan. Journal of Academy of Marketing Science. Spring (2003), 31(2), 109-126