Switching Costs – Consequences

Switching Costs – Consequences

*I am satisfied with my service provider
*What I get from my service provider falls short of what I expect for this type of service (r)
*Imagine an ideal serviceprovider – one that does everything a provider of this service should do. How does your serivce provider compare with this ideal service provider? (far below ideal…equal to ideal)
*How well does your service provider meet your needs at this time? (extremely poorly…extremely well)

Intentions to Stay with Incumbent Provider
*How likely are you to switch to a competing service provider during the next year? (very unlikely…very likely)
*What is the change that you will stay with your service provider for the next year? (0%-No chance I will stay, 50%, 75%, 100%-I will certainly stay)

Source: Consumer Switching Costs : A typology, Antecedents, and Conséquences. Thomas A. Burnham, Judy K. Freis, Vijay Mahajan. Journal of Academy of Marketing Science. Spring (2003), 31(2), 109-126